About the Artist

As a motivated and ambitious artist, Erin Holberg has the constant need to put her creative hand and brain-storming skills to work in a vast array of unique and differing situations. Performing well as an individual or as part of a team, Erin’s desire is to combine her passionate love of nature and the human form with her artistic talent to help achieve collaborative, unique visuals by using a variety of media, ranging from photography to video and fine art. In essence, she is continuously looking for new creative challenges. Having studied abroad in Rome in the spring of 2013, Erin visited a variety of destinations in and out of Italy. This ignited a passion for travel within her that she plans to continually fuel. Overall, since graduating from Tyler School of Art in May 2014, she is always ready for a new artistic adventure, and will undoubtedly be found applying her unique talents wherever her artistic career develops.